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West German Pottery, Ceramics and Fat Lava

Bay – Identification


Bay always used white clay and marks are almost exclusively moulded. Many items are marked “Bay” which allows easy identification.

Bay Base - Marked BayBay Base - Marked Bay (2)

Other distinctive elements of the base markings are that the separation of West and Germany is sometimes done with “.-“.
Bay Base - W and Germany Seperator
Another good identifier is that that the “y” of Germany has a curly base; this is very unusual amongst manufacturers and a good indication (but not conclusive evidence) that an item may be produced by Bay.

Bay Base - Curly y

The form numbers used by Bay are in the range 1 -1100’s. The height is usually separated from the form number by a “-” or space, and is always indicated in cm. Occasionally numbers are on two lines, usually indicating an earlier item or a lack of space on the base.


A number of Bay items can still be found which retain their original labels. In some cases these can be used to provide an indication of when a vase was produced.