Pots And Pots

West German Pottery, Ceramics and Fat Lava



Founded by Eduard Bay and based in Ransbach Baumbach in the heart of the main West German pottery producing region. Bodo Mans was amongst their most famous designers.

In 1970 Bay patented the Römertopf – a clay cooking pot which works by steaming foodstuffs and allowing them to braise in their own juices, billed as the healthiest way to prepare meals. Some sources state that in 1971/2 Bay ceased to exist and they changed their name to Römertopf and only produced clay cooking pots. This is however not the case and Bay Keramik continued to produce decorative ceramics into the 1980s. Römertopf claim to have manufactured over 25 millions cooking pots.

Bay - 97-20 - Folk Decor

Bay – 97-20 – Folk Decor