Pots And Pots

West German Pottery, Ceramics and Fat Lava

Bay – Glaze

Much is still to be discovered about Bay glazes. This section details some of the known information.

Folk Decor – this refers to a moulded pattern which was glazed in a number of different colours.

Bay - 97-20 Folk DecorBay Folk Decor

Blu Rimini by Bitossi – Some Bay items have a décor very reminiscent of Blu Rimini produced by Bitossi. Aldo Londi (1911-2003) produced the Blu Rimini décor whilst working for Bitossi. Blu Rimini comprised an impressed pattern with blue/green glaze (occasionally other colours were used such as orange or brown) and is now regarded as a classic mid century modern design. This design was introduced by Bitossi in the 1950s and it would appear that Bay copied or at least took inspiration for this design in creating some of their own decors. (Bitossi top row, Bay bottom row)

Bitossi RiminiBitossi Rimini OrangeBitossi Blu Rimini PenguinBitossi Blu Rimini

Bay Vase - Blue Rimini LikeBay 604-40Bay 225-30Bay 225-30

Arctic decor – The name is unknown but a range of Bay items were produced with a moulded pattern which contains refernces to polar regions.

Bay 65-17 Arctic (2)Bay 65-17 ArcticBay 64-30 ArcticBay 64-14 Arctic

Korsika glaze and the first fat lava series (F) produced by Bay (1966-1968) (on form numbers 563 to 571).

Bay 564-20 Series FBay 566-30 Series F