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West German Pottery, Ceramics and Fat Lava

D & B header

D & B – Identification

Dumler & Breiden used a white/fawn clay and marks are almost exclusively impressed. An interlocked symbol containing DB was often used to mark bases.

D & B Base - Crossed DBD & B Base - Crossed DB

The full text “Dumler and Breiden” was used from 1980 onwards. Where the D&B symbol is not used the form number and height are displayed one above the other.

D & B Base - Numbers above each otherD & B Base - Numbers above each other

The Relief and Studio series were marked with the series name on the base.

D & B Base - Relief SeriesD & B Base - Relief Series

Germany, instead of W Germany, was used to mark the origin of the items though many items had only size and form number and no other markings (see images above).

Markings are usually made with an a distinctive square cut type lettering. Note however that not all the numbering is consistent and different production lines may have had slightly different shaped number stamps.

Very few items have unmarked bases and most base markings are visible, few are fully obscured.


Only very rarely are 1960s and 1970s Dumler and Breiden items found with a factory sticker/label. Stickers are more commonly found on earlier items and usually include the interlocked DB symbol and their loccation “Hohr”.