Pots And Pots

West German Pottery, Ceramics and Fat Lava

D & B header

D & B – Glaze

Polar Decor – Usually found in green this décor was generally applied to items forms in the Relief Series. This glaze can also be found in blue and orange.
D & B 24-21 PolarD & B 22-36 Polar

Domino Décor – Presumably taking its name from the ‘spotted’ surface texture of the forms.

D & B 614-25 - Domino

Juwel Décor  This décor can be found in a number of different colours.

D & B 51-17 JuwelD & B Juwel

Saturn Décor – This was used on practical items such as rumtopfs and ashtrays. Perhaps this decor is mean to represent the planet Saturn and some of its many orbiting moons.

D & B 93-4L Saturn