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Ceramano – Identification


Ceramano items are made using a variety of clay types and there is, therefore, not one typical clay colour found on the base of items.

Items are often hand marked in a distinctive way which allows identification. The items that are handmarked include one or all of the following:

  • The name “Ceramano” (far left)
  • W Germany (2nd left)
  • Decor name (3rd left)
  • Form Number (far right)

Ceramano Base - CeramanoCeramano Base - W GermanyCeramano Base - Decor NameCeramano Base - Form Number

Most Ceramano bases are smooth and more often than not black. Occasionally items are found with a ribbed base.
Ceramano Base - Ribbed Base
Later items, from some point in the 1970s onwards, had stickers which indicated the form number rather than the hand marked details. The example below shows the two forms with a more modern item on the left (sticker on base, 401) and earlier item on the right (hand inscribed 401, decor Incrusta).

Ceramano 401Ceramano - 1970s Onwards Base  Ceramano 401 IncrustaCeramano - Pre 1970s Base
Some later Ceramano items inteded for practiocal cooking uses were marked as Cermanano Feuerkrone (Crown Fire).
Ceramano Feuerkrone Base
In the 1970s Ceramano bought the Waku Feuerfest Keramik factory to allow them to produce more mass-produced items, the factory closed in the late 1980s. These items were usually ink stamped on the base, the example below reads “WAKO W Germany Free of lead”.
Wako_BaseWako Base - W Germany Free of Lead
A number of Ceramano items can still be found which retain their original labels. In some cases these can be used to provide an indication of when a vase was produced.


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