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West German Pottery, Ceramics and Fat Lava

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Ceramano – Glaze

Of all the West German manufacturers more is known about the glazes of Ceramano than any other because so many of the items had the glaze decor named on the base. There are 100’s of known glazes.

Toscana was one of the most produced decors by Ceramano and therefore presumably one of their best selling and most popular.

Ceramano 407 ToscanaCeramano 225 ToscanaCeramano 164 Toscana

One of their most famous glazes is the Stromboli decor where red lava drips over a black base glaze.

Ceramano 212 - Stromboli

Syrakuse is another popular Ceramano glaze.

Ceramano 222 Syrakuse

The gallery below shows a small selection of Ceramano decors.

Ceramano would often modify decors and retain teh same name. This means that the same decor can often be found in many variants. In some cases this may be a method for dating an item.