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West German Pottery, Ceramics and Fat Lava

Scheurich – Identification

Scheurich always used white clay and marks are almost exclusively moulded. The form number markings are always 3 digits long and followed by the height to the nearest cm (with one exception form 405 which is marked as 13.5cm).

Most Scheurich items have no company mark, just numbers and W. or West Germany (where space is short this is sometimes abbreviated to germ). Numbers are usually separated by “-”.
Scheurich Base - W GermanyScheurich Base - W GermanyScheurich Base - W Germ
Occasionally where space is limited numbers are placed on two lines and sometimes W Germany was ommitted .
Scheurich Base - Numbers OnlyScheurich Base - Numbers OnlyScheurich Base - W Germany
Foreign was sometimes used where a product was produced for export.
Scheurich Base - ForeignScheurich Base - Foreign
Occasionally the base markings of a base may be obscured by the glaze.
Scheurich Base - Over GlazedScheurich Base - Over Glazed
Later, they marked the base with the text Scheurich-Keramik.
Scheurich Base - Scheurich KeramikScheurich Base - Scheurich Keramik
Even later in around 1990, they introduced an embossed three circle mark in the centre of their base.


Scheurich items are frequently found with original stickers.