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West German Pottery, Ceramics and Fat Lava

Jasba – Glaze

Cortina – This is the decor for which Jasba is most known. This reduction glaze was mainly produced in black and white but can also be found in green and yellow. This decor was introduced by Jasba in 1956 and takes its name from the winter olympic games at Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy which took place in the same year. The white and black perhaps representing the snow on the Dolomite Alps. Items in this range are often found with Jopeko “Form and Farbe” labels. Jopeko copied this glaze but added three coloured dots to the surface to distinguish it (see here).
Jasba 207-22 Cortina YellowJasba 206-25 Jasba Cortina GreenJasba 117-20 - Cortina Black

Form & Farbe – This range covered a wide range of different glazes, examples are shown below.
Jasba - Form and FarbeJasba - Form and FarbeJasba - Form and Farbe

N Series – This series covers a large segment of Jasba’s production. Items within the series come in a wide variety of forms and decors (see here). One of the most widely recognised décors within the series resembles the surface of the moon (see below).