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Welcome to the Pots and Pots website. This site is dedicated to West German ceramics from the 1950s through to the 1970s. West German Pottery is a brand new field in collecting; recent years has seen the scale and profile of the so-called ‘Fat Lava’ rise considerably, but still relatively little is known about this area of collectable ceramics.

Rusch Fat Lava Glazes CermaicsThe scope and range of West German pottery lends itself very easily to collecting. Each decade brings forth a different style and design of pottery: from the sleek lines and muted tones of the 1950s through the orange and red gaudiness of the 1960s, to the crusty, thick Fat Lava glazes of the 1970s and every possible permutation in between. Size, form, colour, glaze, factory, designer, decade… all offer a cornucopia of collectable pieces, just waiting to be sought after and cherished.Ruscha 131 315 Fat Lava Ceramic Pottery Vase Jug

The main reason that so much choice is offered is due to the nature of the ceramics and their production by a vast number of factories and makers. These pieces were mass-produced for distribution both within mainland Europe and for export across the World. Marketed as cheap decorative items for the home, many were broken, lost or thrown away as time went on and fashions changed. Now, a new era of appreciation is starting to recognise the thrilling, and in some cases pioneering, design that went into making these pieces.

Fat Lava Sceurich West German PotteryAs with all new fields, prices have seen an exponential growth as exposure and publicity to West German Pottery has started to increase. However, the field is still within its infancy and amazing pieces are still to be found at bargain prices. Whilst the most sought after ceramics can command several hundreds, and even thousands, of pounds; a collector can easily expand their collection for a small monetary outlay.

Pots And Pots brings together our knowledge of West German Pottery into one place, showcasing a constantly updated gallery of our personal collection alongside a shop of ceramics we have for sale. As you navigate our site you will find information on over thirty West German Pottery manufacturers, such as Scheurich, Bay, Carstens, Dumler and Breiden, Ceramano, Otto, Steuler and more. Each company contains a gallery from our personal collection or sales, along with identification tips and an insight into areas such as designers and glazes. Over 700 forms are currently recorded; this will be updated as we find more.

At Pots And Pots, you will find pottery for all budgets and collections. Some for sale, some to admire; but, more than that, the opportunity to discover more about and contribute to this fascinating field.

Happy Hunting from the Pots and Pots team!