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West German Pottery, Ceramics and Fat Lava

Krösselbach Fayence

1946 – Present
Krösselbach Fayence was established in 1946 by Giselle Schließler, most forms and decors were created by Clare Zange. It is based in Krösselbachweg, Eberbach. It is still in operation today and led by Alfred Schliessler.

Items produced in the 1950s had colourful patterns typical of 50s era. Later items were more earthly and used course clay.


Item bases are quite distinct and always marked with a “K” which is distinctive because the upright section of the K is separate to the rest of the letter (see photos below). This is usually small but deeply incised by hand. Occasionally it is painted (thought to indicate items from the 70s or 80s).

Prior to 1960 a smooth clay was used. Since 1960 they switched to use a rough manganese clay. In German it is called “mangan-ton” this is a very grainy clay as often associated with Danish or Scandinavian pieces. This is the type of clay on the great majority of Krosselbach items.