Pots And Pots

West German Pottery, Ceramics and Fat Lava


On the 4th of January 1901 the grand duke of Baden, Friedrich I, gave consent for the construction of a workshop building in the Hoffstrasse in Karlsruhe, the factory was founded Hans Thoma. Its full name is Majolika Manufaktur Karlsruhe

One of the main designers of items through the 1950s-70s was Friedegart Glatzle worked there for 30 years.

The company employed leading designers and artists to design their items. To this day the company provides artists with studio space and commissions works.


Most items are marked with the Karlsruhe Majolika name and symbol. The symbol comprises the crown of Baden and below which is a double joined m standing for Majolika-Manufaktur. Items are made with an red/orange clay type and are not marked with a size measurement but include a form number.