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West German Pottery, Ceramics and Fat Lava

January 21, 2016
by Aidan@Potsandpots

Seeing Double (5) – Jasba and Jopeko – Cortina Decor

Jasba are well known for the Cortina decor. Usually found in black and white but also occasionally with different base glazes (for exaple yellow and green – see here). Apparently this decor was introduced by Jasba in 1956 and takes its … Continue reading


September 10, 2012
by Aidan@Potsandpots
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Seeing Double – Roth and U-Keramik

There are numerous examples of different West German pottery companies producing very similar forms or decors. There are a number of different explanations for this phenomenon including: Popularity – Successful shapes or glazes were copied by competitors keen to maximise … Continue reading