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Pots and Pots is run by Aidan and Emma: avid collectors who have now decided to take the passion for pottery further in their quest to furnish the world with Fat Lava ceramics.

The community of West German pottery is new but rapidly growing; the field itself is expanding daily as new forms, factories and glazes are discovered on a regular basis. The exciting part about being a collector of West German pottery is that each collector is – or can become – an expert in their own right. Gone are the days where only a select, elite few knew the important pieces and prices within a collecting area. We hope that through our website we can help to provide information about West German ceramics that allows others to further their own knowledge and add their own expertise to this exciting new arena of pottery.

The majority of our trade is in West German pottery and we have hundreds of vases available for sale, both offline and online. We price items realistically and have a swift turnover of stock. You can buy items though our ebay sales, directly from this website or in person for bulk/trade sales.

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We can be contacted at info@potsandpots.com, via Twitter @potsandpots or our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/westgermanpotsandpots

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