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West German Pottery, Ceramics and Fat Lava

WGP Spotted (16) – “Location Location Location” TV Show March 2012 – Wowie Zowie


Location Location Location (Series 14, episode 17 (which you can see here)) was based in Manchester and featured a fleeting glimpse of Wowie Zowie, our favorite retro shop and not just because they buy West German Pottery from us. They stock a wide range of quality mid century, retro and vintage bits and pieces.

Location Location Location Wowie Zowie Retro Vintage West German Fat Lava Chorlton

Still from: Location Location Location TV Show - Wowie Zowie Retro Vintage West German Fat Lava Shop

You can just about make out a Scheurich Wein Series vase in the left hand window, the same form (Number 427) is shown below.

Wein Series Scheurich Vase Form 269 Pottery Ceramic Fat Lava



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